The state of the art studio is equipped with:

Tape Recorder:
AVID HDX Protools 10/11/12
2012 Mac Mini w/16 gigs of ram, Sonnet Thunderbolt expansion chassis
40" Samsung LED Video Monitor
AVID HD I/O 16x16

Control Surface:
Avid S3 with Dock 

Speaker Management:
Dangerous Monitor LT
ATC 25
Yamaha NS 10M
Avatone cube
Beyer DT 770 Pro's headphones (4)

Outboard Gear:
Altec 1567A Tube mic pre/mixer
API 2500 Compressor
API 500 series rack with:
AM20 EQ (1) 

AM25 EQ (2)

Alta Moda HIPPO

Avedis MA5 mic pre (2)

Avedis BAE 1122 mic pre (2)

CBS Volumax
Chandler Curve Bender
Chandler LTD1 Mic Pre/EQ
DBX 160 VU (2) 
Distressor EL8
Electrix Filter Factory
Frankenstein "Custom" LA2A Comp/Limiter
GATES 39B Limiter
John Hardy M1 Mic Pre (4) 
Overstayer FET Compressor/Limiter
Purple Audio MC76
Purple Audio MC77
Sans Bass Amp (rack mount version)
Siemens W295 Stereo Mastering EQ
Siemens V276 Mic Pre's (2)
SPL Transient Designer (4)
Urei LA2A Comp/Limiter
Yamaha M406 - 6 Discrete mic pre/st buss

AKG C12A's (2)
ATM 10
Beyer M88
Beyer M201 (2)
Electro Voice RE15
RODE Classic I
Royer R121 (2)
Soundelux U195
Soundelux E47
Sennheiser 421 "tan color"
Sennheiser 441
Shure Transformer "custom" DI (2)
Shure SM7
Shure SM58
Shure 545S (2)
Shure SM81 (2)
Shure SM57 (2)

Gefell M300 (2)                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Bricsaiti M7 Digital Reverb
Eventide H3000
Klarke Teknik DN780 w/remote
Roland SRV 2000

66 Ludwig Silver Sparkle 4 piece drum kit
66 Ludwig Super-phonic 10 lug snare
66 Ludwig 6 lug wood snare
DW Floating chrome/maple snare
Silvertone 1484 combo amp
Kinal "stingray" bass
Fender squire 1980 bass
Schecter 1981 strat
JDS Dreadknot acoustic 90's
Harmony acoustic 80's
Guild acoustic 70's
misc fx pedals
(we have access to several vintage amp combo's upon available)